It's all about the journey..

Material is at the centre of my practice. My designs are the products of my experiments in materiality; for me clay is not a static material but a starting point - everything develops from the constant changes in mixture and method. 

I see myself as an alchemist, exploring material and mining new colours, shapes, and textures from the precise re-calibration of formulas. 

 It is , I think, this constant testing of material that stimulates my practice and gives my work its strength.

I always try to use unconventional materials and tools and utilise them in an unexpected way, stretching their potential. 

The root of my work is my endless curiosity. The love of experimentation and explorative practice leads me to many innovative approaches and original creative results. 

My practice is diverse and my interests span a number of creative outcomes.

The tactility of a material, how it feels to touch and hold, is a key part of its overall character, informing just as much as its visual landscape; my work priorities this aspect of materiality. 

I feel that it is very important to let the material do what is best for it in the most simple way possible instead of forcing it to be something else. 

I aim always to be true to the material, listening to its voice and observing its personality.. 

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