Clay as a material itself is soil and if you were to step in it with your boots the first thing you would do is to wash it off, but by transforming this mud through the ceramic process, it’s inherent value forces us to stop and pay attention. By exploiting the possibilities of a material I always try to find or release the hidden beauty from something that may normally be overlooked.

It is very difficult these days to create something unique and innovative, so by using the ‘usual’ in an unusual way I hope to make people see ordinary objects in a different light.
I am driven by a force to create, innovate and experiment. I see my work pushing and challenging the perceived boundaries of creative processes, techniques and materials.

I always try to use unconventional materials and tools in an unexpected way or try to push the boundaries of that material or tool’s properties, and stretch its potential to the next level. By doing this I always find something new which drives me further. For instance, prior to my studies, I worked as a chef and I sometimes bring this previous experience and its tools into my ceramics.

I try to keep my work as minimal as possible. I believe less is more.

I love the purity and the translucence of bone china and much of my recent work centres on this. In my degree exhibition I married the ancient craft of ceramics with 21st century technology, by applying QR code ceramic transfers on to bone china. My QR codes carried messages from Greek superstitions and songs. The key to unlock the QR codes is your own smart phone device.

As bone china contains bone ash it symbolises the fact that as something dies something new is born just like the ancient Greek Phoenix that rose from the ashes. © Copyright 2015
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